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Kendall Nicole

Welcome to the life of Kendall Nicole

Latest from the Blog

Final Portfolio

Kendall Krasinski Dr. Jane Lucas ENG 1103-19 3 December 2021 Writing Through The Year  I was greatly challenged in my writing skills and knowledge at the start of the semester. I came in nervous but ready for this new challenge that was coming my way. With the help of many assignments such as scrabble, my…

The downfall of social media 

Kendall Krasinski  The downfall of social media  Being born in an age where social media is at its peak and wanting to pursue a career in the social media field, I feel as if I am extremely well versed in the media culture. The purpose of social media is to share photos, advertise businesses, sell…

You Are My Sunshine

From an early age, I loved to sing. As soon as I was able to form a sentence, those sentences turned into songs. My favorite part about singing was that it was something special I did with my great-grandma. When I think about an early memory of reading I think of all the song lyrics…

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